Cigarette Injector Rolling Machines

The rising cost of cigarettes has lead to an increasing number of smokers resort to rolling and making their own cigarettes. While they used to resort to manually rolling their cigarettes, the market now offers best cigarette rolling machine to use for making cigarettes.

These cigarette injector rolling machines rolls cigarettes of your favorite blend in a matter of seconds. Considering the fact that this rolling machine can produce a week’s supply of cigarettes in an hour, you no longer need to worry about your cigarette needs.

How to use your Cigarette Injector Rolling Machine

Using these cigarette injector rolling machine is very easy. All you have to do is load your favorite tobacco blend into itsinjection compartment. You need about 20 grams of tobacco to make about 25 cigarettes. Then you have to insert empty tubes into the injection rod of the electric machine.

You then have to set your desired tobacco density mode on the automatic machine, which is a choice between 1 to 5. Next you just have to press the go button that is located on top of the cigarette injector rolling machine and sit back and watch the machine roll out cigarettes for you.

Why you should buy this Cigarette Injector Rolling Machines

Besides saving money by rolling your own cigarettes using machines, it offers an additional benefit. You actually know what goes into your cigarette, and what is in your tobacco. The commercial cigarettes usually have some chemicals infused in the tobacco, which can be harmful to your health.

By making your own cigarettes using a injector rolling machine, you take better care of your health as you at least know what goes into your cigarette. These injector rolling machines work on 110V power where the unit comes with an 110V AC/DC adaptor and power cord.

Besides the standard Duke machine, you can buy a more expensive machine, the Grand Duke. This machine creates King sized cigarettes so that you enjoy your home made cigarettes longer. The additional features of this machine are that it facilitates the automatic injection of tobacco and is a very durable machine.

3 Top Automatic Cigarette Makers

1. Duke Cigarette Rolling Machine


  • Electrig rolling machine;
  • Standard 110V plug in;
  • 5 Speeds tobacco machine which determine the density of the tobacco;
  • The machine has removable tobacco tray, easy to empty and clean;
  • Powerful, quiet motor;
  • Uses standard 8mm tubes;
  • Adaptor for UK voltage

The Duke machine is electrical and can make around 20 cigarettes in two minutes. That’s 20 minutes for 1 carton!

The Duke machine is your alternative to expensive and toxic cigarettes found on the market. You can roll your own cigarettes and eliminate the unknown chemicals that tobacco companies put in their cigarettes.

If a pack o regular cigarettes it cost somewhere between $6-$8, with The Duke machine a pack will typically cost you around $1 or less depending on what kind of premium tobacco you use.

Spend less money and eliminate all the unknown chemicals that tobacco companies put in the regular cigarettes with the duke machine.

Save a lot of money and make better cigarette using premium tobaccos with this electric machine.

When using The Duke machine make sure your tobacco is not humid so you will not damage or clog up your machine. Never overfill the electric machine and seek to fill it uniformly. See this user instruction video to find out how to use this machine. The most important aspects before using the injector machine is to have grinded and dry premium tobacco.

See more user instructions.

2. Commercial Cigarette Rolling Machine


  • Electrig rolling machine;
  • Heavy duty roller;
  • Standard 110V plug in;
  • 5 Speeds tobacco machine which determine the density of the tobacco;
  • The machine has removable tobacco tray, easy to empty and clean;
  • See through lid for the tobacco chamber;
  • Uses standard 8mm tubes

The Duke Commercial Grade machine is a heavey duty machine having a weight of 4lbs and a bigger tank capacity for tobacco.

This machine is ideal to fill cigarette tubes in no time, making the process simple and fast. For an average smoker, $39.95 Duke electric cigarette machine is preferable than the commercial grade one.

Before using this machine make sure that you grind your tobacco. As you can see in the video, grinded tobacco works better with machines and helps you avoid damaging or getting it clogged. Use the following steps to start filling your cigarette tubes with premium tobacco:

  • Make sure your tobacco is not humid;
  • Grind your tobacco before placing it in the electric machine;
  • Using the lever, insert and secure the cigarette tube;
  • Select the tobacco density level and insert the tobacco inside the chamber;
  • Press start button and fill the cigarette tubes;
  • To clean the electric injector press Start button and hold it till all tobacco comes out.

3. Red Injector Cigarette Machine


  • Electrig injector machine;
  • Runs on standard 110V AC;
  • 5 Speeds 5 speeds for choosing tobacco density;
  • A removable tray for the tobacco;
  • A knob which adjusts the speed of the motor;
  • Uses standard 8mm tubes;
  • Sturdy and compact;
  • Metal body

This electric machine is one of the most portable and compact machines. It features an anti slippery bottom and a solid metal construction.

Why using a tobacco rolling machine

A cigarette rolling machine is ideal for people that want to cut their expenses on tobacoo and also in the same time protect their health as much as possible. We all know the toxic chemicals that big tobacco companies put into their cigarettes to increase their profit. When buying premium high class tobacco not only is cheaper but doesn’t contain that much toxic elements.

Consider using this one time investment tobacco rolling machine to cut your expenses and protect your health. Roll your own cigarettes with the Duke machine. ThankTheBest. See more about retail tobacco VS premium tobacco.